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Concerned about your dash lights?

If you have a dash light that's on, the Hurd Service Team will assess the problem and:

  • Tell you what that light means
  • Explain why it's on
  • Write up a no-cost/no-obligation estimate

That's Right: We'll Determine the Problem - Free!*

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Don't Overlook Those Dash Lights!

The instrument panel on your vehicle's dash keeps critical information - speed, operating temperature, warning lights, etc. - where you can see it with little distraction. These helpful dash lights give you a chance to address potential issues before you end up stranded and/or facing major repairs. Below, we list the most common warning lights and what they may be telling you:

car battery


An aging battery that's losing its charge will cause this light to come on, as will a defective alternator. Ignore this warning light and you might end up breaking down.

traction control

Traction Control

Normally, this light just tells you that the traction control system detected some wheel slippage and is making critical adjustments to maintain optimal contact with the pavement. But if this system indicator light stays illuminated, there could be an issue. Let the Hurd service team take a look and tell you what's going on.

engine oil level

Engine Oil Level

When the oil pressure is critically low or high, this light comes on to alert you to get the vehicle to the service department. In some vehicles, it will come on to signal that you're due for an oil and filter change. Either way, our technicians will get to the bottom of it quickly.

check engine

Check Engine

Of all the dash lights, this one has the most potential triggers - some big and some small (for example, you may not have put the gas cap back on completely). Whether or you not you notice any other changes in the way the vehicle is driving, you should get it in for a checkup.

airbag and seatbelt

Airbag and Seatbelt System

These are life-saving systems, and any potential issue with them should be addressed immediately. While it may be as simple as a failing sensor, it could also mean that your airbags won't go off when you need them to.


Tire Pressure Warning

Your tire pressure warning system is there to let you know when a tire isn't properly inflated. Since tires are your contact with the road, this is an important thing to monitor. Our technicians will accurately gauge the pressure of all four and make adjustments as needed.

engine temperature

Engine Temperature

An engine operating at too high a temperature can quickly lead to damaged components: it's definitely time to see the Hurd service team if this light is on. You may need the coolant topped off, the thermostat may be failing, or it could be another issue with more consequences. Whatever it may be, we'll correct it and get you back behind the wheel before you know it.

Dash lights may or may not mean there's a serious issue, so it's important to have a Hurd service technician look at the vehicle.

We want to keep you happy on the road!

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And while you're here, we'll perform a free multipoint inspection!

Some vehicle brands are excluded. See dealer for complete details. Complimentary assessment valid only for warning light concerns. In some cases, additional diagnosis may be required. Safety-related warning lights cannot be turned off without performing required repair. Parts and labor to repair the concern are an additional charge. Offers ends 5/31/22.


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